The Good Ol’ Days

The world of Terratova had long been the god’s playground. They would often take the form of an elf, human, or dwarf and join an adventuring party to feel the thrill of battle and perhaps aid one of their favorite worshipers. However, everything changed when Magnate, the god of magic, had a chance encounter with the Chaos Blade.

The Catalyst

The Chaos Blade was created by Iocari, the god of mischief. Iocari worked with one of his worshipers to fashion the blade and secretly imbued it with a portion of his godly essence. When dormant, the blade was sharp enough to cut through anything, perfectly balanced, and imbued the wielder with enhanced quickness. When active, its power was increased tenfold. However, the activated blade would force its wielder to attack a randomly selected target. Whether or not the target was actually an enemy was beside the point. How much mischief would be created by a blade that always attacked one’s enemies? After eliminating the target, the blade would reverse its enchantment until the battle was over, making the wielder an easy target. After the battle, the blade would deactivate for a random period of time, again appearing to be a highly desirable magic item. In short, it was the worlds deadliest blade both to the target and its wielder.

The Day Magic Died

Note: It might make the history better if names were used in this section.

Magnate took the form of a magic-wielding rogue to assist one of his favored worshipers in the acquisition of a relic. The relic was guarded by an ancient dragon. Every member of the five man party had magical powers which were boosted by Magnate. Unfortunately for the deity, that boost extended to the Chaos Blade being wielded by a seasoned swordmage. The battle was in full pitch when the Chaos Blade activated. The swordmage’s mightiest attack that was redirected from the dragon to Magnate, shearing him in half. Normally, the death of an avatar would mean only that Magnate was sent back to the realm of gods. For some reason, perhaps the godly essence within the blade, that did not happen in this case. Instead, Magnate was truly killed, releasing his godly energy in one massive burst.

Everything within a one mile radius was vaporized, leaving a massive crater in its place. Needless to say, nothing survived. In addition, all magic provided to Magnate’s followers surged and then vanished.

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